• Mazor Robotics, developer of semi-robotic bone mounted positioning systems for spinal surgeries, raised $40M in a Post IPO round from Medtronic. Link
  • Kindred, developer of robots with human like intelligence, raised $28M in a Series B round led by Tencent and participated by Eclipse and First Round Capital. Link
  • Cambridge Medical Robotics, developer of universal robotic system for minimal access surgery, raised $26M in a Series A round from Cambridge Innovation Capital, LGT, Escala Capital, ABB Group and Watrium. Link
  • Kinova, developer of personal robotics for assistive and service purposes, raised $25M in a Series A round participated by Fonds Manufacturier, KTB Network, Foxconn Electronics and BDC Capital. Link
  • Knightscope, developer of autonomous crime prevention technology robots, raised $20M in a Series B round from Seedinvest. Link
  • Humatics, developer of control systems for robots that would enable collaborative nature in robots, raised $18M in a Series A round participated by Fontinalis Partners, Airbus Ventures, Lockheed Martin, Intact Financial, Presidio Ventures, Tectonic Ventures and Blue Ivy Ventures. Link
  • QualySense, developer of robots for sorting agricultural products, raised $14.3M in a Series B round participated by Zurcher Kantonalbank and venturelabLink
  • Built Robotics, developer of robots for the construction industry, raised $13.1M in a Series A round from undisclosed investors . Link
  • Veo Robotics, developer of technology for enabling collaborative behavior in industrial robots, raised $12M in a Series A round participated by Lux Capital, GV and Next47. Link
  • Riverfield, developer of surgical robotic systems based on pneumatic manipulation technology, raised $10.1M in a Series B round participated by Toray Engineering and SBI Holdings. Link
  • Quick Feel Tech, developer of vision based navigation software for robots, raised $10M in a Series B round participated by TusHoldings, China Fortune-Tech Capital, PICC Property and Casualty, WI Harper Group, SAIF Partners China and TusstarLink
  • AlterG, developer of anti-gravity treadmill and wearable bionic leg for rehabilitation, raised $8M in a Series C round from Business Capital. Link
  • Autonomous Marine Systems, developer of self-righting catamaran, raised $5M in a Series A round participated by Clean Energy Venture Group, Fontinalis Partners, Industrial Investors Group, Signal Ventures, I2BF Global Ventures and Texas Halo Fund. Link
  • AMP Robotics, developer of robot for recycling construction waste, raised $3.2M in a Series A round from undisclosed investors . Link
  • Titan Medical, developer of a surgeon-controlled robotic surgical system for minimally invasive surgery, raised $2.6M in Nov and $2.2M in Oct in Post IPO rounds from undisclosed investors . Link
  • Q-Bot, developer of robots that perform insulation below houses with timber floors, raised $2M in a Seed round participated by ClearlySo, Curious Capital, London Business Angels, Chicago Booth and European UnionLink
  • Left Hand Robotics, developer of an autonomous snow clearing robot, raised $60k in a Seed round from undisclosed investors . Link
  • Ocean Aero, developer of autonomous underwater unmanned systems, raised an undisclosed amount in a Series A round from Lockheed Martin. Link
  • Reactive Robotics, developer of robotic gait rehabilitation device for ICU patients, raised an undisclosed amount in a Series A round participated by MedTech Innovation Partners, High-Tech Grunderfonds, Bayern Kapital and TQ Group. Link
  • Youibot, developer of commercial service robots and robotic autonomous mobile solutions, raised an undisclosed amount in a Seed round participated by Plug and Play Tech Center and HAX. Link
  • Bharati Robotic Systems India, developer of commercial robots, raised an undisclosed amount in a Seed round from Society For Innovation And Entrepreneurship. Link


Heureka Technologies (2017, Potsdam) – Mobile robotic device with a manipulator arm for material handling operations at industries.


Auris Surgical (2009, San Carlos, $513M) –
Robotic microsurgical system designed specifically for ophthalmic procedures. Backed by NaviMed Capital, Lux Capital, Mithril, Highland Capital Partners and others.
Medrobotics (2005, Raynham, $168M) – Develops Flex Robotic and Flex Retractor system which is highly articulated multi-linked endoscope and enables minimally invasive surgery. Backed by Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse.
Restoration Robotics (2002, San Jose, $140M) – Image guided robotic system (ARTAS) that enables follicular unit extraction. Backed by InterWest Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, Alloy Ventures and Clarus Ventures.
Intuitive Surgical (1995, Sunnyvale, IPO) – Develops the ‘Da-Vinci Robot’, which is a remotely operated minimally invasive robotic surgery platform. Went Public in 2000.
MAKO Surgical (2004, Lauderdale, IPO, Acq.) – Develops robotic and implantable surgical solutions for hip, knee surgery etc. Went Public in 2008. Acquired by Stryker Corp in 2013.
Xenex (2008, San Antonio, $86M) – Builds hospital sterilization robots that use UV light (patented pulsed Xenon UV) to kill infection causing organisms. Backed by Battery Ventures,  RK Ventures and Targeted Technology Fund.
InTouch Technologies (2002, Santa Barbara, $64M) – Develops telepresence robots enabling telehealth solutions. Backed by Beringea, Acacia Venture Partners, InvestMichigan, Galen Partners and iRobot.

Rethink Robotics (2008, Boston, $131.5M) – Develops factory robots that are affordable and easy to train. Backed by Bezos Expeditions, Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Two Sigma Ventures, Goldman Sachs, GE Ventures and others.

Kinova (2006, Boisbriand, $25M) – Develops personal assistive robot arms and service robot arms. Backed by Fonds Manufacturier, KTB Network, Foxconn Electronics and BDC Capital.
Grabit (2011, Santa Clara, $23M) – Develops electro-adhesion based gripping products for robots and material handling applications. Backed by Draper Nexus Ventures, Formation8, Nike and ABB.
Life Robotics (2007, Tokyo, $16M) – Developer of collaborative robot arm for materials handling in factories. Backed by Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Nippon Technology Venture Partners, OMRON, Global Brain and Koden Holdings.
Dobot (2014, Guangdong, $13M) – Robot arm for consumers and generic industrial automation. Backed by Shenzhen Capital Group.
RightHand Robotics (2014, Cambridge, $11M) – Developer of the ReFlex gripper with tactile sensing for piece picking automation. Backed by Matrix Partners, Dream Incubator, Seven Seas Partners and others.

Geek+ (2015, Chaoyang, $82M) – Develops warehouse automation robots for goods-to-man automation. Backed by Banyan Capital, Vertex Ventures and others.

SeeGrid (2003, Pittsburgh, $66M) – Develops 3D vision guided AGVs for warehouses. Backed by Innovation Works and Giant Eagle.
Aethon (1997, Pittsburgh, $54M) – Develops autonomous robots for internal logistics in hospitals. Backed by Trident Capital, Nexus Medical Partners, Draper Triangle, Salix Ventures and others.
GreyOrange (2011, Gurgaon, $39M) – Develops warehouse automation solutions for ecommerce fulfillment centers and postal services. Backed by Tiger Global, Blume Ventures and Alps Venture.
Flashhold (2014, Shanghai, $35M) – Develops AGVs for warehouse automation. Backed by ZTE, SB China Capital and Cainiao Logistics.
Fetch Robotics (2014, San Jose, $23M) – Develops mobile manipulator robots for use in warehouse automation. Backed by Softbank, Shasta Ventures and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.
6River Systems (2015, Boston, $22M) – Develops robot for assisted picking at warehouses. Backed by Norwest Venture Partners, Eclipse and iRobot.
Starship Technologies (2014, Tallinn, $17M) – Develops autonomous robots for performing last-mile deliveries in an urban environment. Backed by Shasta Ventures, Matrix Partners, Grishin Robotics, Daimler, Morpheus Ventures, and others.

Service Robots
Service Robots – Retail
Bossa Nova Robotics (2005, Pittsburgh, $23M) – Develops autonomous information dispensing robots for retail stores. Backed by Riverwood Capital, Innovation Works and Walden Riverwood Ventures.

Service Robots – Hospitality Services
Savioke (2013, Sunnyvale, $18M) – Develops robots for performing deliveries in hotels. Backed by Intel Capital, EDBI, Northern Light Venture Capital, Morado Ventures, GV and AME Cloud Ventures.

Roboteam (2009, Tel Aviv, $62M) – Develops robots for defense tactical missions. Backed by Generali Group, Crossroad Venture Capital and F&H Fund Management.
Sarcos (2015, Salt Lake City, $26M) – Develops dexterous robots for unstructured environments, and exoskeletons for factory and defense applications. Backed by Microsoft, Caterpillar, Schlumberger, GE Ventures and others.
RoboteX (2007, Sunnyvale, $25M) – Develops tracked robots for security and scouting purposes for military or law enforcement agencies. Backed by Subtraction Capital and Beast Ventures.

Liquid Robotics (2007, Sunnyvale, $82M, Acq.) – Developer of Wave Glider which is a marine robot that functions as a platform for scientific, industrial and government payloads. Acquired by Boeing in December 2016.

Saildrone (2014, Alameda, $16.5M) – Develops autonomous unmanned surface vehicles for ocean data collection. Backed by Lux Capital, Capricorn, Social Capital and Schmidt Family Foundation.
DeepFar Ocean Technology (2013, Tianjin, $15M) – Develops unmanned underwater robots and performs R&D in the AUV space. Backed by Ding Xiang Technology and TEDA Science and Technology.

Moon Express (2010, Mountain View, $44M) – Lunar transportation and data services company. Backed by Founders Fund, Autodesk and Space Florida.

Axiom Research Labs (2010, Bangalore, $15M) – Developing lunar space rovers. Backed by numerous angels based out of India.

Blue River Technology (2011, Sunnyvale, $30M) – Uses computer vision and robotics to identify weeds and selectively kill unwanted plants. Backed by Khosla Ventures, Pontifax AgTech, Data Collective, Innovation Endeavors, Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, Ulu Ventures and others.

Harvest Automation (2007, Billerica, $28M) – Develops robots for automation of labour intensive activities in agriculture. Backed by Founder Collective, Life Sciences Partners, Entree Capital, MassVentures, Cultivian Ventures and others.

Tech Enablers
Vicarious – (2010, SF, $138M) – Develops AI for robots. Backed by Khosla Venture, Samsung, ABB, Bezos Expedition, etc. and numerous notable angels such as Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, etc.

CloudMinds (2015, Shenzhen, $130M) – Developing cloud robotics framework for unified AI-based robot control. Backed by Walden International, Foxconn Electronics, Shenzhen Capital Group and others.
Brain Corp (2009, San Diego, $114M) – Developing technology for robot autonomy. Backed by SoftBank Group and Qualcomm Ventures.
Kindred (2014, SF, $44M) – Developing robots with human-like intelligence. Backed by Eclipse, First Round Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, GV, Innovation Endeavors, Data Collective, Bloomberg Beta and Eleven Two Capital.
Slamtec (2013, Shanghai, $22M) – Developer of robotics platform and a 2D lidar scanner. Backed by China Equity Group, ChinaVest and Ivy Capital.
Humatics (2002, Cambridge, $18M) – Control systems for enabling collaborative behavior in robots.
Neurala (2006, Cambridge, $16M) – Develops AI based brains for robots. Backed by TechStars, Orkos Capital, Right Side Capital Management and others.
Rapyuta Robotics (2014, Tokyo, $13M) – Develops Cloud computing platform for robots. Backed by SBI Investment, Cyberdyne, V-Cube and Fuji Creative.

Infrastructure Services
RedZone Robotics (1987, Pittsburgh, $52M) – Provides wastewater inspection technologies and services using robots. Backed by ABS Capital Partners.

Built Robotics (2015, SF, $13M) – Develops robots for the construction industry. Backed by Great Oaks Venture Capital.
Q-Bot (2012, London, $4.9M) – Develops robots that perform insulation below houses with timber floors. Backed by ClearlySo, EcoMachines Ventures and European Commission.

Multi-Industry – Multi-purpose Robotic Platforms
Clearpath Robotics (2008, Kitchener, $42M) – Develops unmanned vehicle systems for research and warehouse automation solutions. Backed by iNovia Capital, RRE Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, CanRock Ventures, GE Ventures and others.

HiBot (2004, Tokyo, $17M) – Develops unmanned robotic systems for extreme environments. Backed by Draper Nexus and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital.
TMiRob (2015, Shanghai, $6M) – Develops robot platform that can be modified for multiple applications. Backed by IDG, Cobod, Cash Capital.

Multi-Industry – Surveillance
Knightscope (2013, Sunnyvale, $32M) – Autonomous robots for surveillance, patrolling and crime prevention. Backed by Plug and Play Tech Center, NTT Docomo Ventures, Konica Minolta,
Flextronics and others.

Energy, Environment and Recycling
ZenRobotics (2007, Helsinki, $17M) – Develops a robotic waste sorting system for the recycling industry. Backed by Invus Group and Lifeline Ventures.

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