• HiScene, a developer of hardware and software products for augmented reality, raises $15M in Series B funding from investors including Sincere Capital, Vstar Capital and Meitu. Link
  • Sight Plus, an augmented reality solutions provider, raises $14M in Series A funding from investors including Autohome. Link
  • MAXST, an AR technology startup, raises $3M in Series B funding from L&S Venture Capital and Cognitive Investment. Link
  • 8th Wall, a provider of tools to build AR applications, raises $2.4M in funding from investors including Norwest, Betaworks, The VR Fund, SV Angel, Greylock and Third Kind. Link
  • Facebook patents Oculus augmented reality glasses. Link
  • Fishbowl adds AR to its VR consulting and testing portfolio. Link


NED+AR (2015, Beijing) – Develops optical modules for AR smart glasses.
NXG (2014, Mumbai) – Developing an augmented reality headset and end-to-end solution for medical training.


Display Medium – Screen-based
DigiLens (2003, Sunnyvale, $74M) – Developer of waveguide technology for AR displays. Backed by Crescendo Ventures, Sony, Foxconn, Continental, Panasonic, and others.
Meta (2012, Redwood City, $73M) – Manufactures AR headsets with holographic displays. Backed by YCombinator, Horizon Ventures, BOE Technology Group.
Lumus (2000, Rehovot, $64M) –  Developer of augmented reality wearable displays. Backed by Quanta Computer, HTC, Motorola Ventures, Shanda Group and others.
ODG (1999, SF, $58M) – Augmented reality smart glasses provider. Backed by Shenzhen O-Film Tech, Vanfund Urban Investment & Development, 21st Century Fox and others.
Avegant (2012, Redwood City, $50M) – Developer of head-mounted displays. Backed by Hangzhou Lian Luo, Intel Capital, NHN Investments, Applied Materials and others.
Vuzix (1997, Rochester, IPO) – Provides display and wearable devices to consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. Went public in 2010.

Display Medium – Projection-based
Magic Leap (2011, Miami, $1.39B) – Develops AR computing platform and head mounted device. Backed by Alphabet (Google), Qualcomm Ventures, KPCB, Andreessen Horowitz.
WayRay (2012, Lausanne, $34M) – Developing holographic navigation systems for cars. Backed by Alibaba, SAIC, and Sistema.
Navdy (2013, SF, $26.5M) – Provides projection display for cars, paired with voice and gesture control. Backed by Qualcomm Ventures, Foundation8, Promus Ventures, Upfront Ventures, Wareness, Eniac Ventures.

Interactivity Enablers
uSens (2013, San Jose, $30M) – Provides inside-out 3D hand tracking as well as head position tracking. Backed by IDG Capital, Morningside Ventures, Stone Point Capital & others.

Development Tools
Blippar (2011, London, $99M) – Visual discovery browser using augmented reality and image recognition. Backed by undisclosed investors. Acquired Layar, AR browser provider in 2014; and Binocular, AR virtual try-on app developer in 2015.
Infinity AR (2006, Petah Tikva, $75M) – Provides AR content development platform. Filed IPO in 2009, went back to becoming private after investments from Alibaba and Sun Corporation in November 2016. Backed by Alibaba, Sun Corporation, Singulariteam Fund, Platinum Partners.

Applications – Medical
Augmedix (2012, SF, $63M) – Developing Google Glass powered solutions for doctors. Backed by Rock Health, Emergence Capital Partners, DCM, Great Oak Venture Capital, Sutter Health, Dignity Health and others.

Applications – Industrial
Upskill (2010, Herndon, $29M) – Enterprise software platform for industrial wearable smart devices. Backed by NEA, GE Ventures, Salesforce, Clark Enterprises.

Applications – Retail
Marxent (2011, Dayton, $14M) – Provider of AR & VR solutions for visual commerce. Backed by Detroit Venture Partners, Stage 1 Ventures.

Applications – Education
zSpace (2007, SF, $57M) – Develops AR devices that provide an interactive virtual holographic platform. Previously called Infinite Z. Backed by In-Q-Tel.
NeoBear (2009, Shanghai, $56M) – Develops Augmented Reality toys and mobile apps that help children to learn words and languages. Backed by GGV Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Sinolink Securities, Haitong Kaiyuan Capital and Liuhe Capital.
Osmo (2013, Palo Alto, $36M) – Hardware-based iPad games for kids. Backed by Accel Partners, Upfront Ventures, K9 Ventures, and others.

Applications – Entertainment
8i (2014, Wellington, $41.5M) – Holographic Virtual Reality. Backed by RRE Ventures, Boost VC, Samsung Ventures and others.

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