Canada may have been historically known for traditional industries like oil, gas and mining companies, it has, however, an equally rich history of technical innovation with companies like Research in Motion better known as Blackberry that with its eponymous messaging service took the cellular technology world by storm being founded here. This Canada Independence Day, we’ve thus compiled for you a list of  30 up and coming startups that are making dents in the Canadian startup landscape. Also, check out our feature on Canadian VCs who are putting Canada on the global startup map here.

Canada Startups Infographic

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Here’s a detailed look at the startups:

Company Info Description Investors
(2008, Toronto, $320M) Pharma company developing improved versions of pre-approved drugs using proprietary drug delivery system DELEXIS
(2000, Montreal,$284M) Manufactures biofuels from municipal solid waste
Rho Capital Partners
Department of Energy (US)
Rho Ventures
(2008, Vancouver, $250M) Social Media Management System
Felicis Ventures
ff Venture Capital
Horizons Ventures
(2004, Markham, $206M) Data and analytics service provider.
Wellington Financial
Kensington Capital
Urbana Corporation
(1999, Kitchener,$165M) Learning management system for K-12, higher education and enterprises
Silicon Valley Bank
Four Rivers Group
(2012, Kitchener, $140M) Develops wearable technology for interaction with computers.
Y Combinator
First Round Capital
(2005, Montreal, $126M) SaaS based Retail Management Software and eCommerce platform
Accel Partners
Inovia Capital
Hercules Capital
(2007, Montreal, $95M) Provides flight booking recommendations based on when to find the cheapest fares
Atlas Venture
BDC Capital
OMERS Ventures
(2008, Toronto, $90M) Identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications.
Royal Bank of Canada
(2009, Toronto, $86M) SaaS Accounting for SMBs and personal finance management.
Charles River Ventures
HarbourVest Partners
(2007, Toronto, $77M) App-based solution for retailers to digitize their promotion-based circulars/flyers
Insight Venture Partners
General Atlantic
Hedgewood Properties
(2014, Toronto, $74M) Online investment manager.
Power Financial
Impression Ventures
Portag3 Ventures
(2012, Montreal, $73M) On-demand Private Room Reservation
500 Startups
Menlo Ventures
RRE Ventures
(2005, Quebec City, $70M) Knowledge base management through big data analytics and enterprise search
BDC Capital
Fonds de solidarite FTQ
(2006,Toronto, $68M) Online platform for stories
Union Square Ventures
Khosla Ventures
August Capital
(2013,Toronto, $63M) Crowdsourcing Investment opinions
MaRS Innovation
(2011, Kitchener, $61M) Video marketing and analytics company
Y Combinator
Andreessen Horowitz
(2009, Toronto, $54M) Audience response system for colleges and universities
Union Square Ventures
Emergence Capital
Felicis Ventures
(2008, Whitby, $48M) SaaS-based Loyalty for Channel Sales
Sageview Capital
OMERS Ventures
Klass Capital
(2007, Waterloo, $47M) sUAV for HD imagery and aerial intelligence operations
Summit Partners
Feddev Ontario
(2005, Winnipeg, $44M) Precision agriculture services and data management
Avrio Capital
Fairfax Financial Holdings
(2011, Toronto, $37M) Complete iPad Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants
Walden Venture Capital
Relay Ventures
BDC Capital
(2012, Vancouver, $33M) Outsourced bookkeeping services for SMBs.
Bain Capital Ventures
Quotidian Ventures
(2003, Toronto, $30M) SaaS Accounting Application for SMBs
Atlas Venture
Georgian Partners
Northleaf Capital Partners
(2009, Toronto, $23M) Photo sharing platform and stock photo marketplace
Andreessen Horowitz
ff Venture Capital
Harrison Metal
(2013, Toronto, $21M) Clinical photo sharing app
Union Square Ventures
Allen & Company
(2007, Toronto, $18M) Brain-wave controlled computing
Felicis Ventures
ff Venture Capital
Horizons Ventures
(2011, Toronto, $15M) Product information network for brands, retailers, and product influencers
500 Startups
Goldman Sachs
Real Ventures
(2011, Vancouver, $11M) Group food delivery ordering for offices GrowLab, BDC Capital
(2012, Toronto, $8M) Online interviewing platform
Relay Ventures
BDC Capital
Globalive Capital

Happy Canada Independence Day!

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