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  • Smart dynamic glass maker View, raises $100M Series G funding from TIAA Investments to bring the valuation more than $1B. Link
  • Kinestral Technologies, the developer of smart tinting glass, raises $65M in Series C funding led by AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), 5AM Ventures and others. Link
  • Energy efficiency project financing company SparkFund raises $7M in a Series B investment led by Energy Impact Partners. Link
  • Energy renovation services provider Cozynergy raises $4.8M to develop a web-based platform. Link
  • Energiency, a cloud-based platform for optimizing industrial energy efficiency, raises $3.4M Series A round led by Isai, Go Capital, West Web Valley, InnoEnergy and others. Link
  • Renewable energy platform QOS Energy secures $3.2M funding from ETF Partners and Go Capital. Link
  • Zenatix, an energy management platform for retail chains and banks, raises $1.2M pre-Series A funding from pi Ventures and Blume Ventures. Link
  • Camfridge, a developer of energy-efficient cooling technology crowdfunded $803k on  SyndicateRoom. Link
  • Nuuka Solutions, a building energy management platform provider, closed financing round that was joined by Cleantech Invest and several other investors. Link


Zero Breeze (2016, Post Falls) – Portable energy efficient multifunctional air conditioner that also includes a Bluetooth speaker, LED light and power bank. Capable of cooling a 50 square feet room down to 44℉.
LightFi  (2016, London) – LightFi develops smart controllers for connected lighting. The device senses room occupancy and manages the connected lighting within 50 m.


Products – Lighting – LED – Material & Component Manufacturers
Bridgelux (2002, Sunnyvale, $219M, Acq.) – LED chip manufacturing company. Backed by El Dorado Ventures, VantagePoint Capital Partners, Craton Equity Partners and Passport Capital. Acquired by China Electronics Corporation in 2015.

Products – Lighting – LED – Finished Products
Lighting Science Group (2004, Melbourne, IPO) – Manufactures different shapes of LED bulbs and invented biologically corrected lighting. Backed by Riverwood Capital and Pegasus Capital. Went public in 2008.
Cree (1987, Durham, IPO) – Manufactures LED components, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications. Went Public in 1993.

Products – Lighting – OLED – Finished Products
Novaled (2003, Dresden, $35M, Acq.) – Provides organic materials and complementary technologies for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in display and lighting. Acquired by Samsung in 2013.

Products – Thermal Energy – Insulation
Aerogel (2001, Northborough, IPO) – Provides thermal management and energy conservation insulation solutions. Backed by Mount Royal Ventures, Arcapita Ventures, Lehman Brothers, RockPort Capital Partners, Reservoir Capital Group, Tenaya Capital.

Products – Thermal Energy – HVACR – Heating
Thermondo (2012, Berlin, $32M) – Energy efficient residential heating system provider. Backed by Holtzbrinck Ventures, E.on, IBB, Global Founders Capital, Rocket Internet.

Products – Thermal Energy – HVACR – Cooling
TAS Energy (1999, Houston, $60M) – TAS Energy manufactures energy efficient chilling and cooling systems. Backed by KPCB and Element Partners.

Products – Construction – Pre-Fabricated
View Dynamic Glass (2007, Milpitas, $546M) – Smartglass on which tint level can be modified by the user using smartphone to admit only light and reject glare. Backed by Khosla Ventures, DBL Investors, Sigma Partners, Navitas Capital, The Westly Group.

Energy Management Systems – BEMS
GridPoint (2003, Arlington, $294M, Acq.) – Energy management systems using big data analytics to monitor and manage energy-consuming assets, such as HVAC and lighting systems. Backed by Goldman Sachs, Skypoint Capital, Advantage Capital Partners, Craton Equity Partners. Acquired by TFC Utilities in 2015.
Distech Controls (1995, Brossard, $37M, Acq.) – Building energy management system that provides integration of HVAC, lighting, access control, CCTV, energy management, and other building systems. Backed by Export Development Canada, Enertech Capital. Acquired by Acuity Brands in 2015.

Energy Management Systems – IEMS
Energy and Power Solutions (2001, Costa Mesa, $50M, Acq.) – Energy Management System with real-time information collected at the equipment level, across a customer’s entire enterprise. Backed by NGEN, Robeco, Altira Group. Acquired by Ameresco in 2011.

Energy Management Systems – HEMS – AC Management
Nest Labs (2010, Palo Alto, $80M, Acq.) – Provides thermostats for monitoring home energy consumption. Backed by KPCB, Google Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Shasta Ventures. Acquired by Google in 2014.
Tado (2011, Munich, $57M) – Smart AC management devices for homes. Backed by Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures, BayBG, Siemens.

Energy Management Systems – HVAC Management
Optimum Energy (2005, Seattle, $36M) – Provides data-driven cooling and heating optimization solutions for enterprise facilities.Backed by Columbia Pacific Advisors.

Energy Management Systems – Lighting Control Systems – BLCS
Enlighted (2009, Sunnyvale, $83M) – Provides network platform with wireless sensor to collect and analyze data to intelligently adapt the lighting level. Backed by Intel Capital, KPCB, RockPort Capital Partners.
Sensity Systems (2010, Sunnyvale, $74M, Acq.) – Offers a high-speed, sensor-based, open networking platform to connect lighting systems for improving the experience. Backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Cisco Investments, Acuity Brands and Simon Venture Group. Acquired by Verizon in Sep, 2016.

Energy Management Systems – Lighting Control Systems – SLCS
Petra Systems (2006, South Plainfield, $40M) – Advanced street lighting solutions based on solar power and wireless networking capabilities. Backed by ES Ventures, Element Partners, OnPoint Technologies, Arsenal Venture Partners and Craton Equity Partners.

Energy Management Systems – Power Management Systems
SynapSense (2006, Folsom, $46M, Acq.) – Wireless cooling and data center asset monitoring solution. Backed by  Sequoia Capital, Crosslink Capital, Frontier Venture Capital, Aeris Capital, Nth Power, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and American River Ventures. Acquired by Panduit in 2014.

Data Analytics – Energy Data Management
Opower (2007, Arlington, $65.5M, Acq.) – Cloud-based software comprising energy reports and demand response programs. Backed by New Cycle Capital, Accel Partners and KPCB. Acquired by Oracle Corporation in May 2015.
FirstFuel (2011, Lexington, $44M) – Offers building wide energy analytics that helps in managing energy consumption. Backed by Battery Ventures, Nth Power and RockPort Capital Partners.

Data Analytics – Meter Monitoring
Bidgely (2010, Sunnyvale, $25M) – Home energy management up to appliance level without using any plug-level monitors. Backed by Khosla Ventures, Plug and Play Tech Center, E.on, RWE Global and  Constellation Technology Ventures.
Sense (2013, Cambridge, $19M) – Device to monitor appliances and track energy usages using electronic signatures. Backed by  Charles River Ventures, Capricorn, Bolt, Shell Global, Prelude Ventures and Energy Impact Partners.

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