BlockCDN (2016, Hong Kong) – A blockchain leveraging CDN trading platform which offers an online marketplace for network “demanders” to input their workloads to be fulfilled by “Sharers.”

Finix Payments (2015, SF) – Offers white label payment gateway APIs, dashboards for back-end analytics, push payouts using Visa Direct and MasterCard Send. It also offers merchant KYC and underwriting for payment & financial institutions, tokenization for data security.


  • IBM and Visa join forces to turn billions of connected devices into points of sale. Read More   
  • TerraPay, a mobile-first international payment network, partners MoneyTrans and Paga on Spain-Nigeria mobile remittances. Read More
  • More than 100 Norwegian banks have come together with the DNB Group to take a stake in a P2P mobile payment app called Vipps. Read More
  • ID Finance, a Barcelona based FinTech company specialising in data science, credit scoring, and online lending in emerging markets, secures $50M debt funding. Read More 
  • DigixGlobal, an Ethereum tokenization startup, has partnered with Monolith to produce a new version of the world’s first gold-backed Blockchain debit card. Read More

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