Over $850M+ was invested since 2010 in Indian SaaS product companies, with $449M invested in 2015 alone in 61 funding rounds. While the number of funding rounds remained almost the same in 2014 and 2015, the total funding has seen an almost 3X increase. $45M has been invested in the first four months of 2016, over 15 rounds, with the biggest investments going to KartRocket, Boomerang Commerce, and SnapBizz.

Most funded SaaS sectors in India
Late stage deals were secured by mature startups with products catering to business intelligence, healthcare and pharma, customer service and engagement, travel and hospitality, cloud and data center management, and ecommerce. The most active funds in Indian SaaS startups are Accel Partners, 500 Startups, Helion VC, Google Capital, and Sequoia Capital.

Emerging sectors in Indian SaaS startups
2015 saw a number of mature companies such as Freshdesk, Capillary Tech, HackerRank, MindTickle and Indix going on to raise funds in their Series A – Series E rounds. SMB SaaS (RateGain, Mobikon, Zenoti, Hotelogix), ecommerce enablers (Indix, Boomerang Commerce, Kartrocket), HR tech (Hackerrank, ZingHR, Aspiring Minds, Mettl), and marketing (CleverTap, BetaOut, Zarget, Wigzo) saw the highest number of funding rounds over the last two years.

Over 50 startups have been founded in India every year since 2012, emerging sectors in SaaS products are marketing automation, social media and mobile marketing, customer engagement, retention and analytics, ecommerce enablers, and developer tools for collaboration and productivity enhancement.

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